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Marilyn Bozzuto, R.E.

At the offices of Marilyn Bozzuto, R.E., we are committed to delivering the most technologically advanced treatments for permanent hair removal and photo rejuvenation.

Offering one of the most experienced staffs in the area, we provide result-driven services and measure our success by the satisfaction of our extensive clientele.

We offer Electrolysis and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for hair removal and photo-rejuvenation  Electrolysis is the industry gold-standard and the only government approved method for permanent hair removal.  IPL, in concert with Electrolysis, offers the benefits of efficiency and ease as well as permanency.  Applied alone, IPL is an effective treatment for unwanted hair, acne care and skin rejuvenation.  Both services successfully treat men and women of most skin types, from head to toe.

The office of Marilyn Bozutto, R.E., is a relaxed, happy, professional setting that promotes a sense of mutual regard.  We are happy to address all questions an concerns promptly and courteously.

Marilyn Bozzuto:

Marilyn has been a licensed electrologist for many years and has expanded her office into a family operated practice.  Past President and Advisor to the Massachusetts Association of Electrologists (M.A.E.), Marilyn is an industry leader who continues to keep pace with scientific advancements in the fields of aesthetics and hair removal.

Julie Cronin:

Julie has been a practicing electrologist for over 19 years. Julie completed her electrology training in Boston in 1997 and came to work for me soon after, at the Malden location. In most recent years, Julie works exclusively at the Melrose location. A favorite with the clients, Julie has great esthetics, a realistic, gentle approach, and she loves people. Always diligent and conscious of the task at hand, she will work with you, getting to know you and aspire to give you all the skills and advantages required to fit your specific needs and your budget.

Lauren Bozzuto:

Lauren launched her electrology career over 30 years ago, and has been working with me from “day one”. Lauren has persevered at both the Malden/Melrose and Newton locations and is an integral part of our foundation. Having also completed training in Laser and IPL Laser, she is also certified and excels in the application of Permanent Makeup. She also is a professionally trained Color Analyst and Consultant. Lauren’s evident warmth and inner confidence will put you completely at ease as you begin this new endeavor.


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